Commercial Remodeling

When moving into the commercial side of remodeling, it requires a different level of competence and know how to provide smooth delivery and follow through of promises.

Commercial Claims Management

These are large sum claims, and leaving out even the smallest of details can either result in thousands of dollars not allowed for repairs through the insurance company or property restorative items being left off. Webb Pro Remodeling has had extensive experience in claims management and will meet personally with the adjuster team to determine covered items and their cost. We will prepare reports, documentation, and estimates in xactimate (a nationally licensed damage assessment and cost software) which is recognized by all major insurance companies.

Commercial Job Management – This starts with the supplier.

On commercial remodeling jobs we require our supplier to provide us with a designated delivery truck during the duration of the job in order to move materials at will in case of emergency situations.
We have on-site management during the entire job ensuring all work is performed per Webb Pro Remodeling, manufacturer, and clients specifications.

Special care is taken to coordinate construction with tenants and or peoples that may be affected by the work needing to be done.

Landscaping and or personal property is left the same or in better shape than when we arrived.

Commercial Payment Management

In most instances payment is allocated through the insurance in 2 payments. The first being the actual cash value payment, which is the replacement cost of an item minus it’s age or depreciation, and then the remaining depreciated amount once the job has been completed and invoiced.

In most commercial claim situations there are things left off or not accounted for that will need to be supplemented to the insurance at no cost to our clients. However, the approval of these items in no way affects the standards by which we roof. Quality measures and warranty specs will be carried out regardless of payment from insurance to ensure the property is re-roofed correctly.