Let the Experts Handle Your Roofing Needs

By Webb Pro Remodeling Services
In December 7, 2015
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Let the Experts Handle Your Roofing NeedsThe holiday season is upon us, and with all of the merriment comes trees, decorations and lots and lots of lights. Some take the more minimal approach while others line every inch of their home with bright, festive bulbs. Have you recently climbed around on your house doing this very job? Many folks only take a close look at their home’s roof just once per year, when they are hanging their Christmas lights.

Taking a closer look at your roof is a good idea but can bring with it some confusion, especially if you have zero experience in the roofing arena. The majority of homeowners find themselves in such a scenario. When water is dripping in the middle of your living room floor, then you understand there is a problem. When you pull up to your house and see that a huge tree branch has crashed through your roof, you know this isn’t right. However, most roofing issues aren’t always so obvious.

So, you’ve just taken a fresh peek at your roof while hanging lights, and you’re not sure what to make of what you’ve seen. Below we will highlight a few areas where you should definitely allow the experts to come to the rescue. When in doubt, it is always best to give Webb Professional Remodeling a call and to stay off of the roof yourself!

Missing Shingles – Whether they have blown off or fallen off without any obvious reason, it is best to call a professional to come take a look. Missing shingles can be indicative of various different issues, and some can be severely detrimental to your roof if left alone.

Moisture and LeaksThis is not an area that you want to let slide. You should never just assume that a small leak comes from a small issue, or that it will probably soon resolve itself. Often small leaks can grow to become large leaks. If your ceiling is showing any signs of leakage, then it’s best for you and your home to call the expert right away!

Previous Roofing RepairsIf you purchased a previously owned home or have already had issues with your new home, then you must stay on your toes when it comes to keeping an eye on your roof. There are sometimes issues with the previous repairs that must be readdressed or inspected from time to time, and this would be an area where one glance by a roofing expert would be much more effective than your novice efforts. Although you should be responsible for keeping an eye on things, it is much easier and less dangerous for you to call an expert rather than finding a ladder, climbing up on the roof, and walking all around.

Webb Professional Remodeling is here to offer our roofing services, and we can guarantee that our work is dependable and satisfactory. Call us today!