Even at a very early age, childhood sweethearts Ron and Lauren Webb knew without a doubt they were meant for each other. It was true love at first sight. But then life happened.

Separated, each went their own way and experienced the hurts, losses and heartbreak that the world can dish out when you are on the wrong path. Physical abuse, death of spouses, and serious financial challenges were a few of the hard lessons they learned. But along the way God provided a way out and taught them valuable lessons about living a righteous life. During this learning period of their lives, He added the wonderful blessings of loving, supportive children. God’s light and joy was stronger, and greater than any of the darkness and pain they had struggled through.

After twenty four years, God’s mercy and goodness directed their paths to cross again in the most miraculous way. In the course of healing them, they were given a powerful testimony for the Lord Jesus. A heart for others who had experienced great loss and suffering was born in them.. In the miracle of the reunion of their love for one another, many families were reunited. Many families were restored. And many families were healed!

But it wasn’t long before they realized it wasn’t just about them. God had bigger plans. He called Ron into a leadership position for their community and then for their city. In obedience they made a decision to take a Christian stand to make a difference in local government. Ron was elected and served twelve years on the Caddo Parish Commission. He was then elected to the Shreveport City Council and is currently serving in his second term and in his fifth year.

But even then, God wasn’t through. Out of that obedience to serve their community came a God- born vision of a unique way of bringing provisions into God’s storehouse for the needy. After 20 years of marriage, the journey they had been called to walk together would be put on a path to help to restore other broken lives, support other ministries, and plant the seeds of giving in other’s hearts. And it was in a most unusual way!

As parents they watched lovingly, and sometimes nervously as their children grew up, married and began families of their own. Each one, with their respective gifts and talents were a joy to their hearts, but it was through their youngest son, Joel, that God would lead them to establish a roofing company that would tithe 10-25% of every job to charities-both locally and worldwide. As Joel’s parents they were inspired and led to humbly follow in his business footsteps.

Joel, a born salesman, with a heart for God the size of Texas felt led to move to Texas to follow his dreams. There he found the love of his life, married and became the father of four beautiful children. There, he was led to Life Church, where he grew into the Praise and Worship Pastorship very quickly. And it was in Texas that he met his friend and soul mate, Seth Sutton, who would eventually become his business partner in one of the most successful, charity roofing companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It was through a vision that God gave Seth for his company, Roofity, (which does residential and commercial roofing), to give 10-25% of net profit to charity. Joel Webb and Seth Sutton became partners in that vision and in Roofity LLC, and before they knew it, God opened up the heavens and poured down financial blessings on their company. The more they gave- the more business He poured out on them.

Ron, who had worked at the local General Motors plant in Shreveport for 26 years began to prepare for retirement, he looked around for a new job or career to begin. After all, the meager salary he received as a City Councilman couldn’t pay the bills or provide for he and his wife’s future. Of course, God immediately led Joel to urge his Dad to open his own charity roofing company. Not only would it be a way to provide for his Dad and Mother’s latter years, but most of all, it would open a way for local, and world-wide charities to be funded. Thus, Webb Professional Remodeling Services, charity through remodeling was founded. As their company began to tithe into community charities and also world-wide charities, God opened the flood gates and poured blessings of customers and jobs out upon them. With very little advertising or promotion on their part, business grew, and grew and grew!

Ron and Lauren Webb were born to be together, but more than that, they were born to serve a loving, giving, miracle working God who is in the business of answering prayers and putting broken lives back together again. They are committed to being His servants in the community they love and grew up in- where there are so many who are hurting and who need a helping hand. It is through their commitment and faith in this dream they know there will be many reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is through their giving that they believe this God-born dream will become contagious, and other local companies will see the “light” and will also give of the first fruits of their net profits. They know it is time for poor and hurting folks who need more than religious words, to see the real love of Christ through food, shelter, medicine and a loving hand of comfort. Safety, provisions, and a restored sense of self respect can be provided to those who are alone and helpless.

This is the will of our God. And this is the earnest commitment of Webb Professional Remodeling Services.

Your friends in Christ Jesus, Ron and Lauren Webb