Shreveport Rescue Mission: Charity Through Remodeling

By Webb Pro Remodeling Services
In November 10, 2015
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Shreveport Rescue Mission: Charity Through RemodelingSome are prepared for their roof repairs or the installation of a new roof altogether. Others, however, are taken by surprise, and the cost of roof work is not in their budget. But, did you know that repairing your roof could provide food and shelter to someone in need?

Charity Through Remodeling

Webb Professional Roofing sets themselves apart from other roofing professionals in that they deliver 10-25% of all their proceeds to various charities. The Shreveport Rescue Mission is one such charity that receives support from your roofing dollars!

Over 4,500 are homeless each year throughout the state of Louisiana. The Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission provides 154 emergency shelter beds for homeless men, women, and children. The Mission provided services for over 1,000 men, women and children this past year including over 125,000 meals, 67,000 nights of lodging, and 2,000 medical and dental services.

This provision is possible because of donations such as that given by Webb Professional Remodeling. The Mission provides the following services to shelter residents: Emergency Shelter, Domestic Violence Support, Food and Clothing, Anger Management Classes, Addiction Recovery Training, Evening Worship Services, Social Services, Free Medical/Dental Care, and Counseling and Christian guidance.

So, if you find yourself in need of a roofing specialist, go with the company that provides quality work while also using their proceeds to benefit others! Call Webb Pro Roofing today!